ABC's American Inventor
Season Two

Think Pro/ENGINEER® Wildfire 4.0
Copyright © Steven J. Frey 2009
Paperback: 530 pages

Steven J. Frey is an inventor, product design consultant, instructor and author. Steve began working in industry in 1985 with a pencil and a drafting machine, creating industrial piping layouts. In 1988, Steve made the switch to AutoCAD to design waste-to-energy incinerators and paving, drainage, water and sewer layouts for residential developments and commercial properties.

He started using Pro/ENGINEER (Release 9) in 1991 to design automotive components and systems. Steve became a PTC (Parametric Technology Corporation) Certified Engineering Provider (CEP) in 1998, before co-founding Universal Parametrics, Inc., an engineering consulting firm, specializing in the sales, implementation, training and use of PTC products for the automotive, heavy truck, aerospace, defense, medical and consumer products industries.

From 1998 to 2001, Steve wrote the popular 'Pro/ENGINEER in the trenches' column for Pro/E: The Magazine, and served on the Editorial Advisory Board for five years, in addition to writing the magazine's 'Pro/ENGINEER Hardware Benchmark 2000' issue. In 2003, Steve became a PTC Certified Instruction Provider, and continues to deliver basic and advanced Pro/ENGINEER training courses to companies across the United States and Canada.

Steve created his product development firm, Frey Innovations, LLC in 2007 which specialized in 'outside the box' thinking to create new, novel, and yes, innovative products.

In addition to holding several sole-inventor patents in the United States and Canada, Steve is a two-time second place winner in NASA Techbriefs "Design the Future" contest, and a two-time Chicago semi-finalist for ABC's American Inventor television series.

Pro/ENGINEER is a registered trademark of Parametric Technology Corporation.